What we do?


Main issues are limited functionality of solutions on production lines and complicated integration of various robot models made by different manufacturers into one system. There is absence of solutions, which integrate both control over different robots and sensors in one „box“.


Our control device will be connected to the whole manufacturing line allowing: data aggregation from components of this line - sensors, actuators, robot joints; processing of this data as well as providing control over robot manipulators of different manufacturers and all other components.


Before integration, every system aspect can be simulated both on the desktop or in VR ( virtual reality ).



Industry robotisation is raising trend of the recent years. Between 2005 and 2008 the number of new robots built was approximately 110 000 per year. From 2011 onwards, it exceeded the verge of 150 000 robots, and in 2014 the number was 229 000 and those numbers are not going to stop. Every robot manufacturer provides its own solutions both in design and programming. But those solutions are limited in their functionalities on the production lines with integration with other production machines or robots. There is absence of solutions which can control different types of robots and production systems in one box. And we can provide You with that.